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She merely cited ‘irreconcilable differences’ and left it at that.Curiously their divorce was only divorced in August 2014.Corey Feldman and Susie Feldman met while she celebrated her 19th birthday at Las Palmas in Los Angeles. Hammer and Motley Crue bandmember Vince Neil, both fellow Surreal Life castmembers, performed at the reception.Add the Answer The WB offered to pay for their nuptials if they would marry on The Surreal Life, Feldman's Real World-like reality series. Susie was encouraged by Corey to become a vegetarian, which she now is.Later, Sprague appeared in the Moby music video, "We Are All Made Of Stars".She also appeared alongside her husband in the TV show, Big Wolf on Campus, and in the movies Terror Inside and Lucky Fritz.She is also a model, and has posed for Stuff, Playboy magazines and PETA.

Sadly, however, according to his autobiography something must have changed irrevocably and by 2009 the two had lost trust in each other, which is why Susie filed for divorce in October that year.What’s more, Corey apparently managed to get the cheapest divorce deal of any celebrity, current or has-been, ever.He keeps one car whilst Susie got the other one and Corey has to pay 0 in child support for their now 10-year old son.He later married Suzi Sprague on October 30, 2002, on the final episode of The Surreal Life. Corey Feldman’s marriage to Susie Sprague was his second.

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She subsequently lived with her father until his death. While living with her father, they lived in Northern and Southern California, Hawaii, and Spain.