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Next, they went to the corner of 72nd Street and Columbus Avenue, where Jordan bought Jude a hot dog.

One of these took place on July 26, 1938, when a young man from Long Island named John William Warde climbed out of a 17th-story window of what was then called the Gotham Hotel, in midtown Manhattan, near the southern border of Central Park. “As if it were the afternoon of the crucial game of a World Series, people all over New York gathered around the radios of parked cars” to learn of whether the troubled young man would jump, according to Joel Sayre’s account in Warde’s sister, who had been in the room, tried to coax him back inside: “Come in and have a drink, John, darling.” Doctors tried to give him Benzedrine. Patrick’s Cathedral, only to discover that Warde was an Episcopalian. She thought about going to the Mercer Hotel, in So Ho, and the Sofitel, in Times Square. After settling with the front desk, she took the elevator to the 16th floor and entered Room 1603, a sumptuous suite of cream colors and dark wood finishes. Jude was born on July 13, 2001, to Jordan and a Bulgarian yoga instructor named Emil Tzekov, whom she met at a gym where they both exercised.“Death—for both of them—was the only refuge.” There are four basic things we want to know about every illness: what causes it, how it advances, how we can stop that advance and what we can do to prevent others from getting sick in the first place. Many illnesses today have an awareness ribbon, most famous among them the pink one for breast cancer.The ribbon for autism is multicolored puzzle pieces.Jordan already knew she was going to kill Jude, because he was autistic, or because he was the victim of trauma from which he could never recover, or because he had told her he wanted to die.“Gigi Jordan saw no path by which she could protect her child,” a 2011 bail application filed on her behalf declared.

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