Ps3 not updating media server files

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Ps3 not updating media server files

And if all your hardware supports it, switch to the 5GHz frequency band for a 60-100 percent speed bump and less interference.

For instance, the Play Station 3 doesn’t natively support playback of lossless FLAC files, but Plex will transcode them into other compatible formats on the fly. If you have media on either a Mac or a Windows computer (or both), we recommend Plex for its cross-platform compatibility, its clean and easily navigable interface and all the advanced connectivity features you can get. Click on it to access a drop down menu and then choose Plex Media Manager. Find the right folders for your media and click Open to add them to Plex.Formatting a drive erases all the data on it, so if your PS3 won’t read your drive, make sure to back up all data before you format.Memory cards (Memory Stick, SD and its variants, or Compact Flash) go in the labeled slots under the door on the PS3’s front, and they don’t require specific formatting.To enable this under the streaming menu in Windows Media Player (version 12) in this writing simply select the Stream menu and allow devices to stream media.One problem which users often experience is the Windows Media Player not refreshing media fast enough.

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