Pastor randy white dating

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Pastor randy white dating

“We wanted to take the roof off of the faith, look at its entirety: the sacrament, pre-existence, the priesthood.

We really unpacked the key differences between LDS theology and that of mainline Christianity.

The sessions featured many religious traditions, from Judaism to Hinduism and from Buddhism to Mormonism.On the day they heard from Amy Henderson, a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Meredith shared with the audience an experience watching then-presidential candidate Mitt Romney speak and interact with his family at the 2012 Republican National Convention.Meredith was impressed with his sincerity and obvious love for his family and others.“And we’re excited to be a part of it.” Today the Castos are raising Carter, a beautiful daughter from Meredith’s first marriage, and in February of this year, the Castos welcomed a son to their family. “Today was singularly the most important day of my life.With the temple in their sights, they named him Elijah. I thank God for my husband.” Near the end of every interview, I always ask if there is anything else my interviewees want Deseret News readers to know about their story, their journey or their faith.

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It was a feeling she admitted was tough to describe, but even harder to ignore.