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Needy dating

It is why I was so surprised to see a study saying that it takes only three dates for a woman to update her Facebook relationship status, and five dates for a man to do the same.Um, sorry, but who exactly are these “74 per cent of 18-35 year olds” who think less than 10 dates makes a relationship? Anna, 25, tells me: “I was dating a younger man who came on very strongly. Initially I was flattered but I quickly became disillusioned as it was clear he was looking for something very emotionally involved, very quickly - there was no intriguing ‘does-he-doesn't-he’ element to it all.A friend and I discussed this whole issue this week, when she explained that she'd had a tough time talking to her boyfriend about something she was upset about."I just don't want to seem insecure," she admitted with a shrug and a smile.Even though I never did anything that would land me in the bunny-boiler category, it took me years to realize I was wrong.

We aren't enthralled by the noughties lesson of He's Just Not That Into You like the Sex And The City girls were, because we're the ones who just aren't that into him.

Even more than that, I realized that a woman speaking up for what she wants is the opposite of needy.

Needy is actually going along with whatever suits the guy even if it makes you unhappy because you can't bear the thought of scaring him off.

This man exists in many different shapes and sizes all over the world, and he's multiplying. My generation is no longer plagued with the ‘but do you think he likes me?

The needy man epidemic has been rising in recent years. ’ worries that our mums and older sisters had – we’re more worried about how to ditch the needy men asking us out.

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Society tries to feed us this narrative that as women we're constantly one wrong move away from morphing into a clingy harpy every man hates.

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