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Brad and Donald play one of the most disappointing games ever hyped at the E3s of yesteryear – Star Wars Masters of Teras Kasai.Remember that scene in Star Wars where Chewie and Leia had a fistfight in the middle of the Battle of Hoth?She also murders pretty much everyone who tries to stop her. Bison’s plan for world domination, and whether anyone is even in charge of the Street Fighter tournament. Honda wins, do we have to live under a sumo regime?fortune was built, and class-action lawsuit was born, on the fingers of tens of thousands of unpaid volunteers.

How do you calculate a PE Ratio on a pharmaceutical company that keeps buying towns and private islands? Wily has built 8 master robots to counter Mega Man. chilling out in their own rooms, not really doing anything.They talk about some of the classics for the N64, as well as the Fire Pro series, but it isn’t long before they focus their attent Brad Beard the Dreaded and Donald the Castaway embark on an epic talk of Pirates! Towns will be plundered, sugar will be left, and Governors will be shady.So, grab a map from a retired pirate and join us on a quest to trade . Well, you know what they say – you haven’t REALLY played Double Dragon (or Ninja Gaiden, or Altered Beast) until you’ve played it on a tiny LCD screen with barely Brad “the Blue one” Lawrence and Donald “the Red one” Conrad hit the streets and talk some Double Dragon.Is it possible this threat to the world has been overstated?I mean, Lara Croft travels the world, wrecking ancient ruins, stealing their treasures, and selling the artifacts she “discovers” on the black market to shady corporations.

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The guys talk NHL ‘94, Blades of Steel, and a few others, as well as discussing fighting, the futility of the Buffalo Sabres, Coming to you live from an abandoned Blockbuster Video, Brad and Donald talk about Super Metroid, and the Metroid series in general.