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Anika says they’re being ridiculous, and Hakeem questions why she isn’t more worried about Bella. At the same time, Andre is running over the final details of his plan to kill Lucious with Shine. Hakeem talks to his parents about how Anika has been acting so strange about Bella, but Lucious tells him he also knows she’s safe; he just can’t say anything more than that.

She explains that her mother’s intuition is telling her Bella is okay. Shine says he can tell Andre really hates Lucious and asks what he actually to him. (Is he really not going to tell anyone that Leah murdered Tariq?

Following a bilateral meeting between the two presidents in Hamburg, Trump touted a recent cease fire over part of Syria that has held for several days.

On Tuesday night, the White House confirmed that Trump and Putin held a second, previously undisclosed meeting during a G20 dinner.

She brings Bella out — and tells Hakeem he will wait for them to tell him what he’s required to do next. Now, time for even more twists: At Leviticus Vegas, Cookie, never one to let someone tell her where she can and can’t be, heads straight backstage to wish Jamal luck.

(And, let’s be honest, to test Giuliana’s boundaries.) Shine and his thugs are in place for the mayhem they all have planned. So Lucious starts explaining that his club and his money are all for his children, and for the woman he loves.

Speaking of holy matrimony, turns out the soon-to-be-divorced Anika up to something shady.

Cookie drops by, and Lucious goes out to tell her he got her on the list to attend the premiere of the show, but that she’s sitting in VIP and isn’t allowed to go backstage. “Get out of my face, Lucious.” On a lighter note, Jamal and Becky are having fun at Leviticus New York’s open mic night, talking about swearing off artists and dating businessmen instead.

Oh, and he and Giuliana are also thinking about franchising Leviticus clubs, extending Empire’s global reach. Well, Jamal says he needs a break from men all together (yeah, right).

Suddenly, she’s ringing the doorbell and stepping into the Du Bois house like she’s… (Come to think of it, Anika and Angelo would make a fantastic political couple…) But just as quickly, Hakeem starts banging on the door right after her.

He followed her because his grandma said not to trust her — and clearly she was right. Du Bois senses an opportunity when Hakeem says he’ll do anything, anything to see Bella again.

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Why does it feel like the rest of the family doesn’t care quite enough that How can they even think about Vegas? Shine introduces him to Franco, his explosions expert…