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Dating musical instruments

The guqin, or ancient zither, is a plucked seven-string musical instrument.

Similar in sound to a sliding guitar, the guqin is associated with elegance and has long been the favored instrument of scholars, most famously the philosopher Confucius.

According to the British Museum, this richly decorated instrument, dripping with carved foliage, has an interesting story.

It was originally made between 12 as a citole, a medieval guitar-like instrument, usually with four strings.

Literally translating as “wooden fish,” the muyu is a wooden percussion instrument most commonly used by Buddhist monks to keep the rhythm during Mahayana sutra chanting.Held vertically, the instrument makes a sharp, clacking sound when played.When used in conjunction with a small drum, it is a common feature of Shaoxing opera.A special membrane placed over an extra hole gives the final tone a unique buzzing quality.Pictured below, being played by the man on the left, the paiban is a clapping instrument made from two flat pieces of hardwood or bamboo.

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Today, the citole is known mainly from art and literary sources.

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