Dan and keesha dating

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If this all works out, me and Dan control everything in this house!” Simple as the plan seemed (and with the bad acting to boot), it proved too complex for either Keesha or Jerry to see through.“Michelle hasn’t seen the charming Dan yet,” he said.But when the charm wore thin, Dan turned to his secret weapon–vino.The schoolteacher reached the top of the pyramid, only to find that ally Memphis wasn’t on the top of his game and Keesha was gaining fast. Keesha then ran into the Ho H bedroom to confront Dan and Memphis.Finally, mercifully, Memphis solved the last step, taking the Po V and giving him the sole vote to send someone home. Truly, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and Keesha vowed revenge.To win Po V, the players had to solve a puzzle for each of the ten steps.

Still teary-eyed, Keesha told host Julie Chen that Dan’s words before he said, “Finish it!

The only question that remained, no matter who won the almighty Po V, was who would the Renegades look to cut loose.

With Dan secure as Ho H, the Renegades best bet was to have Memphis win the Po V.

Given a last chance to address the house, Jerry gave his well worn “It’s been a great ride speech,” but it was Keesha who truly stole the show.

Knowing that her bridges were already burnt, the blonde stood up and proudly threw some gasoline on her own funeral pyre.

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“At this point, I have no vested interest in winning,” he admitted.