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Organic materials (leaves, twigs, etc.) should be removed from the sand and stone to ensure the highest strength.

High-strength concrete has a compressive strength greater than 40 MPa (5800 psi).

Such software provides the user an opportunity to select their preferred method of mix design and enter the material data to arrive at proper mix designs. Regular Roman concrete for example was made from volcanic ash (pozzolana), and hydrated lime.

Roman concrete was superior to other concrete recipes (for example, those consisting of only sand and lime) used by other nations.

The wear resistance of stamped concrete is generally excellent and hence found in applications like parking lots, pavements, walkways etc.

The compressive strength of a concrete is determined by taking standard molded, standard-cured cylinder samples.Besides volcanic ash for making regular Roman concrete, brick dust can also be utilized.Besides regular Roman concrete, the Romans also invented hydraulic concrete, which they made from volcanic ash and clay.Often silica fume is added to prevent the formation of free calcium hydroxide crystals in the cement matrix, which might reduce the strength at the cement-aggregate bond.Low W/C ratios and the use of silica fume make concrete mixes significantly less workable, which is particularly likely to be a problem in high-strength concrete applications where dense rebar cages are likely to be used.

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