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Consolidating first second mortgage loans

Everyone likes the idea of saving money, but there are still several things that must be considered before we can help you do that.

Refinancing your first and second mortgage together can have different outcomes depending on the amount of equity currently in your home, your mortgage amount, your credit score and other factors.

Look at the total amount you will have to pay on the loan and the pace at which you will build up equity. According to Fleming, “No tool is used more often to talk homeowners into bad deals than the monthly payment comparison.

It is over-simplistic and costs homeowners millions of dollars every year.

But in October 2016, rates averaged 3.47%—more than 40% cheaper than in 2007.

For more information on refinancing, check out some of the other options we provide at Accunet Mortgage.

The mortgage market has changed a lot in the past decade.

This is why serial refinancers find it more difficult to pay off their mortgage(s).

If you consolidate your mortgages, make sure it’s a benefit to you in the long run.

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Maybe you took out a home equity line of credit to finance home improvements or cover college tuition costs.

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